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My Lay-Flat Mondays (36)

Week 36 of my new series: My Lay Flat Mondays!!

The purpose: describe my past week in just one picture, boots my creativity vibes at the same time, and stop going through life one week at the time without even noticing it.

So here it is!

Week 36: Oct 13 - Oct 19

Lay-Flat Monday

- Monstera Leaf: living tropical

- Wallet and phone: because I forgot my whole purse in the bus this week!!! (with my wallet, phone, keys, passeport, ...) and amazing enough I found everything a few hours later. When you have no head like me it's good to be living in a place as safe as Singapore!

- Black Board: I won two bronze awards for Children photography at the Rise International Photography Awards. I'm super proud and excited :-).

- Limes: new limes for my awesome little tree

- Cross-Words: I realised that I'm not speaking french as much as I should and start to forget some words, so practicing a little like that

- Mask: still mandatory

- Camera

© 2020 MermozinePhotography

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