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Follow me.... to Marina Bay, Singapore...

Once upon a time (to be more specific two weeks ago), I decided I wanted to photograph the sunrise above Marine Bay.

I got ready the day before (which is very organised for my personal standards!!):

- Camera ready ✓

- Battery charged ✓

- Memory cards ✓

- Lenses ✓

- Neutral density filters ✓

- Bottle of Water ✓

I got up very early in the morning, and here I was, at about 6:15-6:20 am setting up my gear at Garden East Bay, to witness a beautiful sunrise.

It was still so dark that I had to use a flash light to set-up properly my camera to get ready for some long exposures.

As the sun started to rise it and the sky started to transition from the blue hour to sunrise colours it became clear that not only there was too many clouds for beautiful colours but I had chosen the wrong spot (I should have done more research online but I'm much more a trial/error kind of person...). Either way, it was too long to unpack everything and move to a better spot, so I decided to roll with it! :-)

Once the sun all the way up, I started to walk back to the Gardens by the Bay, toward Marina Bay.

It's quite a long walk, but worth doing! From tropical paradise.... to downtown skyscrapers...

Past the flower domes you're about 5-10 minutes away from Marina Bay Sands (depending on how fast you're walking). At this point you could decide to stop, get a drink and chill out, or to go all the way around the Marina Bay to see the Merlion. I went for an intermediary half way choice.

First thing to admire on the way?

The water lily ponds at the feet of the Science Museum.

Yes, this little water/nature paradise is that close to the city center!!

I finished my tour some long exposure shots of the skyline of Raffles Place - the center of the Financial District of Singapore.

And yes it was time for me to get away from the sun (as you may know I'm turning into a vampire and can't stand under the sun from 10am to about 4pm...).

I hope you enjoyed our little walk together ;-).

Next time? Jurong Lake Gardens... Stay Tune....

Bye Bye

To schedule a photowalk / workshop or purchase a print.... follow the link below :-)

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