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"Paint it Black"

A collection focused on Singapore's beautiful and luxuriant nature.

Details of a palm tree leaf.
tropical nature singapore
rain drops on a palm tree leaf

Monstera 1

Green Lush 1

Green Lush 2

Green Lush 3

Leaves in the Botanic Gardens, Singapore
Black and white palm tree leaf.
Details of a green leaf, in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Green Lush 4

Green Lush 5

Green Lush 6

Green leaf after the rain.
Palm tree, Singapore
Monstera leaf after the rain, Singapore

Green Lush 7

Green Lush 8

Green Lush 9


Anthurium 2


Botanic Gardens-2293.jpg

Green Lush 10

Photograph of leaves in the Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Green Lush 11

Botanic Gardens-2265.jpg

Green Lush 12

Pas de Deux


Frangipani 2


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