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How to change the sky...

So today, a little bit of Behind the Scenes of

This week I ran accidentally an update on all my computer's softwares and in the process my "old" version of Photoshop disappeared... and yes at first I was really upset... Anyways having still a couple of urgent clients sessions to edit, I decided to roll this it and install the new photoshop 2021... and there are some awesome updates!!!

You can now for example in a few clicks change the sky of your picture!! (yes it was possible before but that would take be several minutes instead of just 4 clicks!!): now you just have to go to Select - Select sky (the software will do it for you, no more magic wand!!) - Edit - Replace sky (choose your new sky) - OK!!

Et Voilà !!!!

(oh, and you can upload your own pictures of skies...)

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