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Lower Peirce Reservoir

The Lower Peirce Reservoir is a less renowned reservoir in Singapore compare to the famous Mac Ritchie reservoir park, and therefore you can enjoy there a less crowded nature walk experience (expect lots of macaques though...).

Lower Pierce Sunset-0266.jpg

Lower Peirce Reservoir: Blue Hour

Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore.

The Guardian

Lower Reservoir 3I4A0190.jpg

Lower Peirce Reservoir: Blue 

Lower Pierce Reservoir: Singapore

Lower Peirce Reservoir: Green View

Lower Pierce Reservoir, Singapore.

Lower Peirce Reservoir: Sunset wide angle

Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore

 Macaques of Lower Peirce Reservoir

Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore

 Lower Peirce Reservoir: Golden Hour

Lower Reservoir-6611.jpg

Yellow Boat

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