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Shades of Green

My last photowalk took me to the Botanic Gardens of Singapore.

The whole park is beautiful - it's afterall an UNESCO World Heritage Site!.

I love going there for several reasons:

- it's a garden

- it's beautiful (did I mention that before??)

- there's lots of shade (yes, it's a big big bonus point when you're living on the Equator!!)

- there's lot of flowers and leaves of many shapes and colours to satisfy my love for macrophotography

(yes I know, when you think macrophotography you think bugs - but apart from butterflies, dragonflies and ladies bugs (flying things really), you will notice very little bugs on my portfolio, the reason being that I'm not the bravest in the room when it comes to bugs and my daughter, miss E, would even tell you that in the presence of a spider (whatever the size) I turn cuckoo).

Anyway, in my already 6 years in Singapore I took many pictures in the parc, but very little landscape / wide angle shots. No, what I really like to do is getting lost in the leaves, pattern, colours, ...

I will walk very slowly, hunting for THE picture - until I come across a spider, and then I can be very fast!

Here is a few pics!

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