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Photowalk in Chinatown

After a long (seems like ages....) Covid -19 related interruption I've finally resumed this month leading photowalks in different parts of Singapore. I've done two in July, one in Chinatown and one in Kampong Glam.

So let's start with Chinatown!!!

First of all, I was saddened to see how many small shops are now closed in and around Pagoda street. I often go there early in the morning to witness the opening of the shops, but last week-end not much was going on. The touristy streets feel really empty...

We have an expression in french "il n'y a pas un chat", the direct translation would be "there is no cat", meaning no one in the street....

...but wait!!!

....there was a cat!!!

I was however quickly welcomed by the rain.

The rain did not last, and I was able to walk like usual into the back streets, hunting for "treasures" to photograph.

I discovered or rediscovered fantastic mural paintings.

And I finished my stroll by looking at the few shops opened.

See you soon for a glimpse at Kampong Glam!!

To schedule a photowalk with me, see more of my work or purchase a print, please check out my website :-):

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