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My Lay-Flat Mondays (8)

2021 - Week 8

The purpose: describe my past week in just one picture, boots my creativity vibes at the same time, and stop going through life one week at the time without even noticing it.

Lay-Flat Monday

- Monstera Leaves: living tropical

- Flowers for the shop (not sure they will last very long but they made an awesome bouquet with the monstera leaves)

- Black board: my little boy was sick this week... so tired mama here....

- Book: "Les Trois Petites Filles" by les Belles Histoires. My girls favorite book for me to read to them. I have not read it to them in a long time but this week they rediscovered it! It was actually mine when I was their age.

- Mask: again and again and again....

- Camera

© 2021 MermozinePhotography

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