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My Lay-Flat Mondays (43)

Week 43 of my new series: My Lay Flat Mondays!!

The purpose: describe my past week in just one picture, boots my creativity vibes at the same time, and stop going through life one week at the time without even noticing it.

So here it is!

Week 43: Dec 01- Dec 07

Lay-Flat Monday

- Palm tree Leaf: living tropical

- Book: "Un Sentiment pour fort que la peur" from Marc Levy

- Black Board: Spider!!! I know, it's not Halloween anymore, but this is a drawing of a spider I met Saturday morning while walking to meet my clients for a family session. The thing was huge, black and slowing going down in front of me. I saw it and froze as I am terrified of spiders!! And yes I turned around and took a longer path to not have to walk by this monster, Of course neither my hubby nor my kids believed me when I told them that it was about the size of my hand.... so I looked it up... and that lady was a Nephila Pilipes, and is known to be about 20cm in size!!! (and I don't need that big to be scared...). SO now I walk slowly if time I reach some slightly covered area, and scanned carefully all around....

- Advent calendars: we started our chocolate filled advent calendars on December 1st.

- Mask

- Camera

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