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My Lay-Flat Mondays (21)

Week 21 of my new series: My Lay Flat Mondays!!

The purpose: describe my past week in just one picture, boots my creativity vibes at the same time, and stop going through life one week at the time without even noticing it.

So here it is!

Week 21: June 30 - July 06

Lay-Flat Monday

- Monstera Plant Leaves: living tropical

- Curcuma flowers: they are beautiful and I like their peppery smell

- Black Board: "End of School" - this Friday was the last day for 2019-2020 school year - A sweet and sour day really because yes the kids were excited to be in summer break, but for us, as many other expats, summer break means flying to our home country to spend time with our family, but this year because of Covid-19 we can't ... :-(

- Insta Pictures : This week we were able to go back to the swimming pool!!!

- Book: The library finally re-opened!! Yeah!!! So book of the week is "Frappe-toi le coeur" from Amelie Nothomb

- Mask: still mandatory

- Camera

© 2020 MermozinePhotography

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