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My Lay-Flat Mondays (1)

Let's be true to myself, disorganised or super busy (or any mix of the two) I just can't keep up with posting "regularly" normal size (if such a thing exist) blog post.

And, as I started a new year this week (my birthday was two days ago): I've decided to start also a new very personal photography series: My Lay Flat Mondays!!

The purpose, describe my past week in just one picture, boots my creativity vibes at the same time, and stop going through life one week at the time without even noticing it. I will still have longer blog posts whenever I can, but also this mini weekly one picture posts :-).

So here it is!

Week 1: Feb 10-16

- eucalyptus leaves: my new go to scent in the house - red rose: for Valentine's Day - candles: for my birthday (a few more were needed!!) - Click: my new favourite photography magazine - Camera - surgical mask: fro the corona virus

© 2020 MermozinePhotography

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