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Like a bird in a cage...

In March, when one was still able to go wherever he(she) might chose, I went on a hike in Ang Mo Kio (starting in the park across the street from the library on Ang Mo Kio Av 6 and ending up in the Mayflower neighbourhood).

It's here!!

It's really not that long ago but it feels like ages!!!

Anyway... I loved that hike.

The park was really nice (and pretty much empty) but the best was our discovery of the Mayflower Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club. I've heard about it before, but seeing it in person was really magical (the kids adored it).

Imagine (well you can just look at the pictures actually :-)) a field filled with high pitched old fashioned cages, colourful clothes, and the beautiful singing of all these beautiful animals.

There is a path in the middle, with on one end the park I was talking before, and on the other end the market and Mayflower hawker center.

When you get closer to the cages, you notice all the beautiful details: the fabrics, the delicate mini-china inside to feed the birds, the old-fashioned cages...

The Bird Singing Club itself has a few shaded area where one can sit down to admire the birds, enter a singing competition of its animal, purchase or sell a bird.

And you can sit down around a drink at the hawker center and still enjoy the view on the birds.

By the way, anyone else but me feeling a little bit like... a bird in a cage.... lately? :-)

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