Paris, France

Paris, "la ville des Lumières", known as one of the most romantic city in the world and so photogenic... 

Black and white photograph of the ferris wheel of Paris

1-Jardin des Tuilleries

Fine art print of the ferris wheel of Paris

2-Ferris Wheel

Black and White fine art photograph of the church of Notre Dame in Paris,France.

3- Notre Dame de Paris

Photograph of two young lovers on a bench, in Paris,France

4- Les amoureux

Fine art print of the birdge called Le Pont des Arts, in Paris, France

5- Le pont des Arts

Fine art photograh of a sailing boat near a quay in Paris, France

6- Les quais de Paris

Fine Art black and white photography. A narrow street leading to the Sacré Coeur church, in Montmartre, Paris, France.

7- Montmartre

Close-up photograph on the thousands of lockers symbol of love, on Paris bridges.

8- Love Lockers